Sunday, April 13, 2008

Baking: Hamantaschen, Round 3

The Monday after I baked Round 2, I got an email from I Shot the Chef. She baked Hamantaschen that weekend too and hers were PERFECT! They were mocking me in their pretty little crusts.

So, Round 3 was a must. I took Jen's advice, using the paddle attachment. I never really thought that the paddle attachment would be able to do much work. Honestly, I had no idea what it was for. Apparently it is good for most of the baking I do. You learn something new everyday!

The dough came together perfectly! It was a bit sticky, but decided that after a bit of time in the fridge and some flour when I rolled it out that it would be fine.

So, I moved on to the Chocolate Nut Filling. Holy Crap this is good. I decided to switch it up and make my own filling instead of the preserves that I'd been using. It was surprisingly easy. Until I blew up the Magic Bullet. Yeah, apparently it does not like hazelnuts as they get stuck under the blades and the machine begins to smoke. Also, more than likely, there were too many nuts to begin with.

I destroyed the other nuts with a plastic bag and hammer. Worked well enough.

The sticky dough came back to haunt me. It sticks to EVERYTHING. No matter how much flour you use to diffuse it's stickiness. My only hope was that it would stick to itself and create magazine worthy hamantaschen.

THEY STUCK TOGETHER! No where near as pretty as I Shot the Chef's, but a much better showing than Round 1 or 2.

Unofortunately, they don't taste anywhere near as good as the recipe from Round 1 & 2. They taste blah. The dough is too dense I think. Or perhaps it's the filling... the fruitiness makes a difference I think.

I think I'm done with Hamantaschen. Forever.


Anonymous said...

I bet they still taste amazing though....why must you taunt me with your baked goods.

Wendy said...

Mmmmm....cookies! I am so incredibly envious of your baking skills!

jane said...

I would not judge you if you really did give up.

Jen said...

You need to experiment with the dough hook attachment next. It looks weird, but it's amazing. You just throw all the shit you need to make pizza dough in there and then walk away from it. There's a good recipe in the book that came with the mixer. :)

I totally want a magic bullet to make smoothies in. But our kitchen is small so I'm on appliance restriction. Remember our appliance collection from Crowne Oaks? Half of it is in my utility closet cause it won't fit on my countertop. boooooo.

csunsweetie said...

Looking at the last batch, they look like you could do more of an appetizer with them instead of baking... They remind me of this taco ring I make with the crescent rolls, ground beef, cheese & sour cream.

I was really looking forward to trying these at the GTG! But I know you'll come with something super delicious!

Diabolina said...

even tho i am total pig, cooking and baking has always scared me. I JUST realized because i'm not very good at failing.


that was a deep one triggered from your cookie adventures. thanking you :)

Diabolina said...

i'm tagging you mami.

read my blog for details.

hope you are having a good day!