Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Photography: Assignment 1

My class has homework. Which I really really enjoy. I always did enjoy homework. Sitting on my bed with a pile of books in front of me. Papers. I liked writing notes. Still do. Perhaps just to see myself write. I so very rarely actually write on paper anymore. The computer is definitely taking over.

Anyways, our first assignment was the following:

"Objective: To record the texture, quality and form of rendering light. The emphasis is on composition and graphic content. Try to express yourself artistically for this assignment.

Show details, angles, texture and color. This is to be a dissection of the building showing off the details in a strong graphic way. Use the viewfinder as a cropping frame. Make a strong visual statement with the images. Tell the graphic story of the whole building by capturing its parts.

Choose lighting situations that accentuate the texture, shape and form of the building.

Turn in your 8 best images."


Anonymous said...

Impressive J! The directions confused the crap out of me =)

Diabolina said...

super duper pooper cool!


go you!

Anne K. in L.A. said...

I like your use of depth-of-field to vary and create texture. Has someone been playing with their 50mm lens?