Sunday, May 4, 2008

Things that Suck

Being a Southern Girl, it's rare to find Sweet Tea in my new home. (I've been here three years, can I still say "new"?!)

Anyways, we were at Howe's. I approached the end cap and a can of my Southern roots looked at me with hope and dreams on it's sleeve. I was beyond giddy. I think I even jumped up and down. I may have even clapped. And I popped it into the cart with enthusiasm!

Then I opened it. And it sucked. Poop.

I think this girl needs a trip to the South real soon.


Anne K. in L.A. said...

I miss sweet tea as well. Do you want me to make you some? I don't make it that often because Rob won't drink it. He says it's too sweet and that it make him feel like his teeth are going to fall out.

Jen said...

You should make some, I remember you did that once in our apartment and it was delicious! Or just come to visit me :)

Kate of All Trades said...

I spent a summer in Branson, MO (don't ask) when I was in college. Apparently that's Southern enough to learn about sweet tea. I learned how to make it actually. It was awesome but nobody here likes it... :( My skillz have since grown rusty.

Diabolina said...

que es sweet tea??

boo to it sucking!

Karri said...

Love and miss sweet tea! My parents are from Texas and I would look forward to drinking the sun-kissed sweet tea made by my grandmother.

Also: McDonald's in the midwest now carries a version of sweet-tea, but I haven't tried it yet. They launched tea there and iced coffee out here. So Unfair!