Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Body: Progress

Date: Tuesday May 13
Weight: 124
Goal: 4 to go

SOOOO posting all about my new body project didn't so much make me motivated to go to the gym. I think I went two times since that last posting. Something always comes up. Or I don't feel good. Or I'm too busy.

I have been busy.

Not an excuse.

However, I did lose the one pound. WOOP! AND, the posting made me consider my food choices much more closely. Perhaps I should avoid Burger King on the way home from Photography Class and chow down on some egg salad when I get home instead. Although, I was deliriously hungry and feared that my stomach would gnaw through my belly to chomp on something... anything. I drove through it and dug into the egg salad like a ship wrecked woman who'd just reached shore. More snacks is the key I think. Good healthy snacks.

I did make it to TKB on Monday. It was good! And our little group of gym rats has a new addition which is always exciting. Some new blood to keep us motivated. Three cheers for Katrine!

So, I'm going to keep on keepin' on...


Anonymous said...

My lower back still hurts from those triple jabs....going to Lift tomorrow!!

Diabolina said...

i'm falling off the bandwagon a bit too. ugh. pants felt tight all day. wah to loving food and sitting on my butt.