Saturday, May 31, 2008

Baking: Strawberry & Banana Bread

I'm so bad at eating fruit before it goes bad. But I feel dumb buying one banana. If I have just one, I might want another. And then I won't have it. So I buy four. And they all go bad. I am a genius.

But rotten banana=banana bread! I googled "rotten bananas" to see what would pop up. Some muffins, some cakes, some breads. But this one caught my eye, Banana Bread with Booze and Raisins. Love Banana.Love Bread.Love Booze. Love Raisins. Perfection.

But I had a bunch of strawberries that were on their way out. So I substituted strawberries for raisins.

I also took out the walnuts. Mostly because I don't like them.

It ended in a tasty disaster. I didn't drain the booze because I didn't let it soak for an hour. So it was quite moist. And the strawberries are more moist than the raisins. So, it's almost swimming in moistness. It fell into a pile of disaster when I took it out of the pan. I'm going to call it Bread Pudding.

1 comment:

Diabolina said...

i'd still eat it.

seriously though. stop. making. me. hungry.