Monday, May 5, 2008

The Reason I Don't Cook

I don't cook because Chris is so good at it. He pulls bunch of crap from the fridge and creates something fabulous. He gets this from his mom. This woman once created a quiche crust from baked potato skins devoured the night previous. Who can do this!? Martha and Ellen, that's who.

Chris inherited this and I am so thankful. I would survive off cereal and PB&J. No joke. Perhaps some grapefruit too. Hearts for grapefruit!

A few nights ago, he broke out the Kitchen Aid Meat Grinder. Grinding your own meat is a lot of work. Worth it? Eh, I don't know. Tastes good... but it's hard to beat the Buffalo Burgers from TJ's. Those are perfection!

I think it makes you feel accomplished. Like you can do anything. And that's important. So then, yes. It's worth every bit of time and effort. To feel on top of the world!

I would post his recipe here. But I don't think there is one. It involves sirloin, onions, beer, garlic, Greek Seasoning, more beer, pepper and a splash of beer. Chris likes beer.

So, he cooks. I drink wine. Take some photos. And play with the buns.

We know our roles :-) Yet, I feel the need to learn this craft. Will get more involved. Soon.

In other news, when did those laugh lines happen!?


Anne K. in L.A. said...

It's good to know your strengths. Cooking is not one of mine. Now that you've sampled my husband's cooking, you know why I don't cook either.

Ms. Mar said...

It seems less and less women are the cooks at their homes like. I'll also be blessed with a hubby who cooks amazingly, so I, too, will very willingly play that role. ;)

They should have a cook-off of sorts while we all drink wine and idea.

Princess Leia, too cute!

Amber Marie said...

Thats the same reason I don't cook. Thank goodness for him too becauseI am clueless in the kitchen.

Diabolina said...

ugh my mom is like chris and his mom. but apparently the mcgwyver cooking skillz skipped a generation in our family :(

forget about the laugh lines, let's talk about that ADORABLE dress!!!!