Thursday, May 29, 2008

Body: Blah

Date: Tuesday May 27
Weight: 126
Goal: 6 to go

Yes, I gained weight on my quest to lose weight. Days of drinking and eating will do that to a girl. Or maybe it was the extra piece of wedding cake. Or the 6 glasses of wine. It was red though, so my heart is extra healthy!

My problem is that I am still unmotivated to go to the gym. Or perhaps it's not motivation, perhaps it's exhaustion. I must remind myself that it becomes a vicious cycle and the more I workout the less exhausted I will be!

Turbo Kick Boxing. Tonight. My more-jiggly-than-last-week butt will be there :-)

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Diabolina said...

kiss you. i am totally losing motivation too. new job, new life is taking over...gonna try to get back on track this weekend.

trying not to stress myself out too much about it tho. just balancing eating less with working out less. tho i did have a burrito for lunch. f.