Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Body: Gots to Find the Motivation

I am severely lacking in the motivation department these days. I've heaped so much on to my plate that improving me has been pushed with a mighty force to the back burner. I must remember that going to the gym makes me feel good. When I feel good, I have more energy. When I have more energey, I'm better at life. When I'm better at life, I'm just fabulous. It's a vicious circle that if not regularly moved, reverts to the opposite - bad at life. This is all kinds of bad.

As a project person, I can't just BE motivated. I need to have a reason. A goal. A driving force.

So, I have a goal. Down to wedding weight by Memorial Day weekend. That's only 5 pounds in a bit less than 3 weeks.

If I write it here, I'm responsible for it. And I would feel bad letting all 3 of my blog readers down :-)

Date: Tuesday May 6
Weight: 125
Goal: 5 to go


MissMissy said...

We are on the exact same wave length here!!! I'm doing the same thing. I just haven't pulled to trigger yet to post it. The ONLY thing that gets my rear in gear is having someone to go with. If I know she is waiting for me I don't want to let her down. The ONLY reason right now I'm waking my behind up at 4:45am to walk.... but I do feel better. I'm going to post my weight and my goals too. This is a long a comment - sorry.

Diabolina said...

Kiss you. Takes balls to put your weight out there. I've thought about it but not ballsy enough. I will say that I have not weighed 125 pounds since I was 18. not a coincidence that that's when Mr. Diabolina nabbed me :)

p.s. I think more good motivation for getting down to the goal weight is buying a pair of expensive, HOT jeans. It's what I plan to reward myself with if I ever can shed the last five pounds. I've only lost five since january. ugh.

AliGoesBlogWild said...

this is so very bridget jones of you. you can so do it. i'll do it with you! memorial weekend is my wedding and 5 pounds in 2 weeks is doable right? alright sister, blogerffic handshake.

jane said...

You're a tiny little thing! Hope you achieve whatever size you're trying to reach. =)

BTW, this is the fourth comment for this post. This makes me your fourth reader. =)

Kate of All Trades said...

I would suggest a new form of exercise. Is there anything your gym offers that you haven't done? Maybe classes or a rock wall treadmill. If you spent two weeks mastering something new I bet you could lose 5 lbs. Good luck!