Sunday, May 4, 2008

Replacing the Stolen Goods

When it was just replacing the window, it wasn't so bad. $200 and we were done. But I don't think you ever realize how much general life costs.

Gym Shoes. Had to replace those. Stupid gym shoes. I don't even like the gym. But I'm working on being a good little gym rat and going more regularly. Got to jump on this motivational train.

So I headed to Snails Pace in Pasadena. I usually snap up some cheapo shoes at DSW. Selected soley on their color/prettiness level. But, I figured, as long as I was picking out new stuff, I would get good stuff.

I turn in a bit on my right foot. Ran around in a cute little linen pant/top outfit. Sexy. :-)

The Nike shoe felt all kinds of loose. Like it might fall off. But apprently I have a wide foot. I call them my "bricks". At a size 5.5, I'm about as wide as I am long. Bricks.

This Adidas pair, good. But just not quite right.

And then there came the best pair. They hug my cankles with some kind of padded something. Excellent. And turquoise and blue! Excellently fabulous.


Jen said...

Haha, I 100% select gym shoes based on color/prettiness. I won't buy them unless they're at least a little bit pink. and I also get them at DSW/Off Boradway Shoe. You don't need a lot of cushioning for the elliptical, I always say, and I'm way more likely to go to the gym if I have cute shoes to wear. :)

Diabolina said...

yay to a snail's pace!!! seriously, my new shoes make running so much easier. and they match yours. hearts!

csunsweetie said...

And I guess you could get the cute turquoise ipod nano or shuffle to match???