Friday, May 30, 2008

12:01 am. Friday. May 30.

SEX & THE CITY! A beautiful treat for this SATC addict. I was introduced to these dear ladies my freshman year of college. I didn't have cable at home, much less HBO and we kind of lived under a rock. So Season 4 hit me hard. I downloaded every episode and watched them on repeat. Absolute adoration for this show.

So, 12:01 am, three girlfriends and I are in the theater waiting for it to hit us. And it was excellent! I won't let it anything slip as everyone I know has plans to see it this weekend.

My one, for-serious!?-how-did-this-happen!? issue, was sloppy editing. This is a major motion picture that stands to make millions and millions of dollars. Could they not hire an editor to take care of the boom mics and lights that fell in to the frame AT LEAST 10 to 15 times. It was disgusting. SJP - how could you approve that!?

A few issues that don't quite make for great cinema, but really, it's SATC, who gives a damn!? It's like asking a parent to seriously critique their childs' dance recital. A fan can't not love it. To see these favorite women back together again, like the last four years didn't happen... perfection!


Anonymous said...

I'm seeing it tonight and I am SO excited!!!! I can't wait. We have tickets to the 10:50pm showing!

Jen said...

i saw it last night...that editing was's like they completely forgot to edit 15 minutes of the movie. the entire theatre was laughing. and they were kind of important scenes.

other than that it was glorious.

Diabolina said...

thanks for the compliment on my post about satc.

love that you were part of the phenomenan.