Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cutting Out the Unnecessary

The busier I get the less important some things become. I was once addicted to American Idol. I religiously watched every show. Sometimes, even in real time! I felt the same about Biggest Loser. Every episode was watched with no distraction.

But this season, I decided that I wasted way too much time in front of the television on this stuff. I mean really, except for the faces, it's same shit/different day. So I stopped.

And I couldn't be happier. There's not a single part of me that cares about this singer or that weigh-in. I thought I would feel sad. Left out. And yet, I barely notice. This is good.

I decided it would just be scripted for this girl. And now, I'm thinking about cutting those back too. I love Gossip Girl. But last night, it was so soap opera-y I could barely stand it. I wanted to kick Jenny in the face. Slap Blair. Run a knife through that new girl. And you're supposed to. If the writers do their job, you're supposed to feel for these characters. But I felt nothing for Serena. Stupid girl. I realized that I was spending a good 40 minutes watching bologna when I could attack my mountain of to dos.

So, perhaps I am done with scripted. Maybe I'll just throw the TV out.

WOAHHHH, I'm back. Went too far.


Kate of All Trades said...

We're watching American Idol right now. I kind of hate this show. Been watching it forever and I'm just over it. DH on the other hand, just went on a tirade over David Archuleta's v-neck tee. And he enjoyed it.

He's also SUPER into So You Think You Can Dance. He's totally counting down the days.

And while I'm talking about him, I showed him the video you guys made for your rehearsal. He thought it was adorable and declared you both 'super cute.'

I swear I'm not married to a 13 year old girl....

Diabolina said...

Kate's husband is actually a 16 year old girl thank you very much. He has his license and his period.

Totally hear you about TV. I stopped watching all my shows about a year ago and life went on. Only really watch about three shows regularly now and hardly ever in real time. Just on Tivo when I get some time.

But I would NEVER be one of those no TV people. Their holier than thou routine is bunk. No TV is for Quakers.

Jen said...

i am saddened by the news of our favorite completely awkward sex-based talk show going off the air. god, that shit was funny. :)

Lizy said...

I can't live without reality tv.. Sadly I'm addicted... but i love it!