Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sweet Tea

After the disaster area that was Arizona Sweet Tea, I knew I had to make my own. It's so incredibly simple that I'm not sure why I even attempted the Arizona version.

A pot of boiling water, a crapload of sugar, a few tea bags. The end. And by crapload, I mean, an insanely immense amount. Like, more than you ever want to consider being in a beverage. My best friends mother makes a sweet tea that will rot your teeth the second it comes into contact. And it is delicious.

This time, I just threw some sugar in. And I kind of dropped the bag while pouring, so there was a lot more sugar than I meant. Alas, I have lost my touch. Because my tea is not sweet at all!

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Kate of All Trades said...

I mentioned that I know how to make sweet tea. What I would do was make tea syrup. Put a serious load of sugar in a pot, a couple cups of water and a like 10 tea bags. It makes a concentrated tea syrup. Then I'd fill a pitcher up with ice, pour the syrup over, then fill with water. Definitely the way to go if you wanna make a big batch.