Friday, May 16, 2008


I sent Chris to Costco to buy two things... My favorite B12 fizzies and pregnancy tests. The fizzies are the best thing EVER and after one of those I'm good all day! We also buy pregnancy tests because we are the most paranoid people on the planet. It helps to buy in bulk.

He is currently on his way home with this:

He sent me iPhone pictures to document his ridiculousness with the subject line "opps". We rarely get through one loaf of bread before it's ick and moldy! The Vodka, Wheat Thins and granola bars won't be an issue. The bag o'veggies isn't going to fit in the freezer. And who can eat that much yogurt!


MissMissy said...

Haa haa... that looks like what my husband would buy (minus the pg tests...) a hungry man + Costco = yogurt for days..... : )

Diabolina said...

i almost had a heart attack at what I thought was a baby jordy announcement.