Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Creative Spread

Creativity is contagious. I love that when you start thinking outside the box in one area of your life, it tends to spread. Spreads through you and your life and spreads to others.

This wedding is forcing Chris and I to spurt creativity everywhere we go these days :-)

We've been all about the kitchen recently. I NEVER cook. When Chris travels I survive on a diet of pb&j and cereal. If I didn't have him in my life I bet I'd be super skinny! But I can't seem to stay out of the kitchen. I cooked Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week! There was chicken pot pie, meat loaf, pork and apple stew and brick chicken. Thank God for Martha. There was also Thanksgiving dinner with my very own Turkey and my new most favorite dessert... Whiskey Pumpkin Cheesecake. Holy Crap.

With Chris' break from cooking duty, he's find his outlet elsewhere. We'd been talking about doing something with the kitchen since we bought the place almost 2 years ago. The previous owner painted EVERYTHING in the place an icky grey.

As I played wedding projected DIYer, Chris painted every cabinet BLACK.

I was slightly concerned with this, as... well, black?! But I think it looks stunningly rich and beautiful and am super happy! Super happy that (a) it looks beautiful and (b) I didn't have to lift a finger!

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