Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Yummy Letterpress

I didn't really allow myself to look at a lot of invitation suites because I knew I (a) wanted to do them myself and (b) didn't want to spend a ton of cash on them. I had a feeling that I would fall in love with letterpress, so I stayed far far away. Just in case I fell head over heels and decided that I needed to have it in my life.

But now that invitations are done, what's the harm in buying a few t-tiny little itty bitty things?
I started with the calendar from Etsy shop ilee. Because it's STUNNING and adorable and cute.

Then, I happened upon some Thank You Notes and realized that I would have to have something to write a little note on for the bridesmaids. Opps.

Let the love affair begin :-)

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