Saturday, December 8, 2007


Last night I came home to this.

Our first ever wedding present! And totally unexpected! I realized that I had to wait for Chris to come home to open it because it was his gift too and that would be totally rude of me to open it without him. So I called him and told him to come home now. It was 4:30. He laughed at me.

So I stared at it for a few hours. Contemplated what it might be in such a large box from BB&B. It HAD to be the mixer! HAD TO BE THE MIXER. But it's not heavy enough to be the mixer. Definitely not heavy enough. poop.

But it was the mixer! Deceptively light in the big big box. Chris' aunt and uncle are my newest favorite people on the planet. When we were in Boston last I mentioned that I loved her mixer and was thinking of registering for one. She remembered!
It's the cinnamon one and matches the kitchen perfectly. I will be baking heavily for the rest of the weekend, but refraining from eating due to the itty bitty wedding dress. Want some sweets?

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