Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Mixing Business & Pleasure

Mixing business & pleasure can be a tricky predicament, especially when it's really really important. Or is it? I think it can go both ways. Someone who is really close to you will push through some major crap to get the job done because it's not only their work relationship on the line, but it's their personal relationship. They will go out of their way because you're more than just a client, you're a friend. It can swing the other way too. They could rationalize that they will get the client finished first and that you can wait because you're a friend. So, hiring a friend... good idea or bad idea?

I'm doing a make-up trial with a friend of a friend tonight. All I know is that she's from the Midwest, did lots of weddings there, has a beautiful website with some stunning photos and is working in the movie/TV industry as a make-up artist now. But, she comes highly recommend from a friend of mine who worked on a movie with her. Although, in that movie he played a guy lost in a desert who has to swim through a septic tank. I kind of want to look the opposite of just-swam-through-a-septic-tank on my wedding day.

This is my inspiration...

... Mostly the bottom right image of that girl from the Soprano's... Jamie something.

Perhaps the key to working with someone you know on a personal level is seperation...one level of friendship removed. Not my best friend, but my best friends' friend. Still a client, still a friend.

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