Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Camera Camera Camera

Chris and I love to take pictures. We were point and shoot folks until about 18 months ago, when we accidently dropped too much cash on the Nikon D50 and it was the best decision on the entire planet.

The pictures are crisp, clean and stunningly beautiful. It makes us look good!

But a few months ago our 55-200 lens just stopped working. Then we were told it was going to blow up the camera. BOO! So last night we bought ourselves and early Christmas present and sprung for the new Nikon 55-200 with the Visual Stabalizer. Woo!

Then we decided there was going to have to be a new bag to carry all the gear for Thailand.

We bought the Quantaray QR Echo Messenger Backpack. Based only on the grounds that I would NEVER have to carry it. It's only redeeming "cool" feature is that it is a messenger bag and not a super cool backpack. So, here's my question... why doesn't anyone design a nice, stylish, stunning, fun, sexy little bag that is functional and cute?

Hummmmm... business opportunity?!

P.S. For anyone interested, Ritz Camera has a crazy sale on the Nikon D40 ... Body & 2 lenses for $600ish. Awesome deal! Go get it.

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