Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Morning After

Apparently three days of festivities is not enough. I'm pushing myself to do a fourth! Sunday we will be hosting a brunch at our condo. (30 people should fit in the 667 square feet, right?). Yeah, it will be tight and toasty, but that's what makes it so nice. Close and intimate. Plus, most people haven't been out to visit since we bought the place, and we're not going to be making it up there for any other wedding related shenanigans. So, it seems like a good plan. Seems being the operative word.

Plan A was to pick up a bunch o'crap from Portos. yummy.

Plan B was to place orders and put my mom in charge of doing the stuff.

Plan C is to hire someone to cook stuff.

Plan C sounds nice. I put the word out on Craigs List and have gotten lots of replies. Some of them are students and some of them are professional caterers. Students dont' worry me, because seriously, how can you mess up eggs & pancakes. Even I can make those and I suck at kitchen stuff.

It's not all that expensive and the services range from full menu planning, shopping, cooking & cleaning to just the cooking.

We'll see which plan we land on.

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