Friday, December 14, 2007

Everything You Own Should Be Beautiful

I once read somewhere that everything you own should be beautiful. From your brushes to your brooms. As long as you're going to have it in your life, why shouldn't it be beautiful?!

I found these umbrellas on Etsy via Etsy Wedding and bought three of them! They're handmade in England, so shipping is a bit pricey (hence the reason for purchasing three!). They're enormous and some lucky ladies in my life are getting them for Christmas. Well, maybe only two, I might manage to hold on to one of them. I mean, it might rain on the wedding day... I'll need something to cover up with :-)

1 comment:

onesmallstar said...

hooray!! i'm so delighted you actually *got* these umbrellas from the UK -- can't wait to hear what they're like!!

and you're absolutely right -- everything we own *should* be beautiful... or have a story. (looking at my hideous desk, which was my grandmother's)... a great reminder -- thanks for this!