Friday, November 30, 2007

Are You Or Aren't You?!

I currently believe that the guest list is the most difficult part of the wedding. That and budgets. Damn these logistic barriers to the happiest day of your life!

Some days I think that we are totally and completely screwed. I think that every single person that we invited is going to show up at our front door and want in to our tiny little room. There are 150 people invited, and our space can only hold 74. More on that later.

Then the next day, I think that we are totally and completely screwed. Again. But in a different way. This day I think that NO ONE is going to show up. I think that no one really likes us and who is going to fly across the country for us in January! It's just after Christmas. That was stupid. Who the hell is planning this wedding? opps...

See, there were quite a few courtesy invites. You know, people that we have to invite because those are the rules, but you know that they're not going to come because they never go anywhere, much less travelling across the country to the big scary city of Los Angeles. I'm from North Carolina, he's from Boston. It's a big expense to pick up and spend a few days in a big city. So, I knew that these were invites to make sure that people felt included, but since they weren't going to be able to make it, it would be OK. Everyone is happy!

Well, apparently some of these courtesy invites weren't so much a courtesy and more of just a regular old invite. There are 5 people that I had NO CLUE would even consider coming. And now they're excited about a little vacation in a warmer climate. The more the merrier! Except when the merry folks don't fit in a room and have to eat their stuffed chicken standing up while leaning against the wall because the room is t-tiny.

I crunched some numbers and it looks to be ok. If all tables are packed at 10 guests (and they're 66" rounds {weird}) we should be good. We might even have 5 extra seats. That would be good. 5 extra. I love extra.

Keeping the fingers crossed that the RSVP gods are looking out for us and a few no's roll in. So far, it's 8 yes, 1 no.

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