Friday, November 16, 2007

I Know There Was Something I Was Supposed To Do...

But I don't know what it is. I know that I should have approximately 193,459,395,204 things on my to do list, but I don't really. Only 64 days to go. Why don't I have stuff to do? I like to think it's because I am a well trained, non-procrastinating type that stays on top of things. But, I know that I was supposed to do something, I forgot to write it down, and now I can't thing of that thing that I was supposed to do.

This is why I keep not 1, not 2, but three to do lists. There's the green notebook with blank pages and areas to put random pieces of paper. I jot down long term thoughts in this notebook... things that I don't need now, but know I will need in the future. The music list for our wedding video is in there... as I think of a song I jot it down. It will be there when I need it! (I will look stunningly prepared. woo.) The next list is brand new. It's a white notebook with each page associated with one week. I put things that I know I will have to do at a certain time in this notebook. I know that on December 28 I need to order the dark chocolate covered hazelnuts for our wedding. I drool just thinking about how yummy they are... but its' on the list, so I don't have to think about them until December 28. The third list is my to go list. It's on my Black Jack and it's actually twelve or so lists. Things I think of when I'm on the go. My grocery lists, my Target lists, another To Do List, etc. etc. I should probably transfer these lists to something more hardware inspired.

I'm not sure what I would do without lists. My brain can't keep all the stuff rolling around. It must be on paper. Ohhh, which reminds me, I have a fourth lists, it's next to my bed, a beautiful little pad with a 1950's style woman with a caption "Why yes, I am overqualified." (I actually bought it for a girlfriend of mine but decided I loved it {bad gift giver}. She's a stunningly smart woman. Right after college graduation, spending so much time being smart and colleg-y decided to scrap it all and stay at home to raise her two little girls. She always jokes that her parents must be so proud that she spent so much time being smart and now cleans up poop for a living. ha!) I put the pad to good use though, I jot down my thoughts that occur in that not-quite-sleep-but-not-quite-awake time.

My favorite part about lists is the marking off the list part. There's such a sense of accomplishment when you have that visual moment of pushing the pen through the words to note that you finished something. And when you finish off a whole list... well... that's just magic!

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