Monday, November 12, 2007

My Favorite Producer Produces Me

Chris is a Casting Director/Producer. Basically, his job is to find the craziest, most extreme, most ridiculous, amazing people to exploite themselves on reality television. He spends most of his days in interviews, coaxing people out of the shells (or sometimes putting them back in!)

So, our wedding video & wedding slideshow are going to have a unique feel in that they will be very television-esque. He is currently uploading/downloading/importing/exporting/storing/etc. the tons of video that we've taken from our wee days in high chairs to current day. And there's lots of it! So much that he NEEDED to buy a new hard drive, upgrade his memory and buy a bunch of other crap that makes no sense to me. Oh yeah, and it's a "wedding expense". Ha!

This weekend we started with the interviews. You know before Biggest Loser where they have the home tapes and then the snippets of the Loser Hopeful, off center, talking about themselves. We did that yesterday. It's really hard! Much much much harder than it looks. He asks a question, then I respond (not looking at the camera... it's really hard not to look at it!) using his question to begin my answer.

Chris: What do you love about your fiancee?
Me: He's so amazing to just be...
Chris: No, say "I love my fiancee because he's so amazing..."

And you don't really think about why you love people. You love them for them. My brain was a big empty container with no words to put together into formidable sentences.

Me: I love my fiancee because...err... he's... umm... good to... uhh... be with.

On the other hand, it was amazing to see what he does with all that time that he's not with me. His job is challenging, fun, creative, interesting and soooo much better than mine!

I can't wait to see the finished product.

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