Thursday, November 15, 2007

What Kind of Groom Do You Have?

I've noticed that, as with everything wedding realted, there are many different kinds of grooms that your fiancee can choose to be. We get to decide if we're going to be a laid back bride or a bridezilla. Grooms kind of get the same option.

They can be super involved. Really seeing the wedding day as a whole as something that they are truly invovled in. They call vendors and set up meetings and think about details. There are two people planning this wedding and I think that's nice. However, then you get two minds and if those two minds don't think exactly alike (and how weired would that be!) then you can get into some trouble. Arguments about white versus ivory buttercream. Who cares?!

Then there's the other one... The groom from the other end of the spectrum that really doesn't care at all. He will do whatever his bride tells him to and really just wants to know what to wear and where to show up. While there's significantly less head butting with this groom, a bride can feel lonely and overwhelmed. Taking everything on for a massive event by herself.

I have a hybrid. A mix of both grooms. He wants to be the first one. He really truly does. But in actuality, he's the second one. He doesn't really care and doesn't really know how to care and be involved. However, when decisions are made, he feels left out. He doesn't want to do the research and he doesn't want to do the work, but he wants veto power. On everything. Wrong.

How do you create a hybrid that works?

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