Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Bridal Beautifying Ritual

I've noticed that whenever you mentioned that something you are buying is for a wedding, the price suddenly seems to sky rocket? There was a fabulous video on youtube that I can't find right now. A couple walks into a bakery to buy a wedding cake. The groom never says it's for a wedding and she shows them a beautiful white cake and quotes them $50. When the bride mentions her wedding, the baker pulls out the same cake with a ribbon and quotes them $200. Because this is a "wedding cake". The groom wants the regular cake and the bride collapses in a fit of tears that she MUST have the WEDDING cake. They walk out with the quadruple priced "wedding" cake. Why? Because brides are dumb enough to pay it!

That's why I furiously shake my fist in the air whenever I look at Hair and Make Up websites! Why is that a bride's hair and make-up will cost in the ballpark of $400, but a bridesmaid is only $100? Is there a significantly less amount of time and energy spent? Or are they just not as special? But really, who in their right mind would pay $400 for a 'maid to look fancy?! I adore my girls, I will not pay $2400 for their hair and make-up. But I might pay $600. It's my most special, most amazing, day ever and I want to be the most beautiful version of myself that there ever was. But is it worth $400?

Stepping off my soapbox.

It's just very frustrating.

In other news, I leave you with some hair inspiration.

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