Monday, November 12, 2007

Sometimes Doing No Research is Good

I did nearly zero research for Chris' wedding band. My lovable ADD ridden fiancee shouldn't have too many options, so I only gave him one. Go to Icing on the Ring downtown and pick something. I barely even research the place. It came so incredibly and highly recommend from multiple brides on The Knot that I knew I could trust them. And plus, downtown is so overwhelming. All the people. You can choose among approximately 500,000 jewelers. No joke. And then each store has hundreds of rings. Chris got one store with a couple hundred rings!

And it was the best choice we ever made!

I had to work one Saturday, so I sent Chris down to look around by himself. He choose a few that he really liked and then I went back with him the next week to decide for sure. This place has an AMAZING 20% off sale twice a year. I planned it so we were there on their 20% sale day! WOOP!

Their customer service is extraordinary. There prices super low (or so I've heard from folks who comparison shop).

We decided to get an engraving. We got our H monogram and the wedding date. But Chris wanted it to be super special, so it's a mirror image. Why? I don't know. So instead of 01.19.08 we wanted 80.P1.10. But we accidently wrote 80.P1.01. And APPROVED IT!!! About a month later, when the ring had come in, but before it was engraved, Raffi called me.

Raffi: You're getting married 01.19.08, right?
Me: YES!
Raffi: You don't want the mirror image to ready 10.19.08, right?

They caught it before we did! But when we went to pick it up the next week, it was wrong! We were getting married october 19, 2008. They fixed it free of charge and within a few days! I also got the posts changed on my earrings and changed one pair from gold to white gold. They look fantastic.

I'm an Icing on the Ring convert and will recommend them until I'm blue in the face. I've already sent along another bride-to-be with a $50 off coupon. Want one? I'll send it over!

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starlet2125 said...

I am interested in Icing on the Ring, but I can't figure out when the 20% sales are... Do you know? Also, could you send a coupon to! Thanks so much!