Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Wedding is Taking Over My Life...

... and my condo. The wedding "stuff" consists of boxes and boxes of candles, vases, hurricanes, pretty papers, stamps, ink, tools, styrofoam and more crap that I will fashion into beautiful things! Well, I hope!

It started with a few things and I didn't have a particular "area" for it because there wasn't that much of it. Then, there was more of it. If it was just me in the condo, I don't think there would be a problem.

I know where I keep all the stuff... even if it is all over the place. I like to be able to see things. Unfortunately for me, my fiance is a piler. He doesn't want to see it all, he wants things to be neat and clean. Yet, there is no method to his madness. He grabs and he piles. In no particular order. While things look nice and clean, you can't find ANYTHING because there are important papers under the microwave in a pile (under the microwave... that's a good storage area.)

We needed a system.

First he "gave" me a box. Then I overflowed the box. Then I got the kitchen table. Then I overflowed the kitchen table. So I put the extenders into the table and things are looking good! I now have under the table, on to off the table and am slowly taking over the entry way :-)

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