Thursday, August 9, 2007

Save The Date!

I LOVE beautiful papers, stationary and things of that nature. I also love getting things in the mail. It's so exciting in the age of e-vite, e-mail, e-chat, etc. Thus, I am uberexcited for our wedding related paper things!

We started with the Save the Date. While it is perfectly fine to do the same old letterpress, blah blah blah... see, I stop listening. See Date. Mark calendar. Yeah, it does the job I guess. But I wanted something more fun. Something more interesting. Something people would talk about! Enter and our magnet Save the Date!

This is the magnet itself. Magnet Street was AMAZING with letting me change everything that I wanted. The date was originally numerical (1.19.08 with the 19 being MUCH larger than the other numbers... it was odd). I also took out the cliche saying "the perfect date for the perfect pair" because I think that's ridiculous. Our engagement photo session was changed twice to later dates so I didn't have the photo yet and Magnet Street followed up with me. TWICE. The only vendor to care that much so far!

I attached the magnet to this tri-fold (there's another flap inside) with our monogram. The monogram is a J for my first name, a C for FI's first name and an H for his last name. We worked on this monogram for months and this happened to be trial number 87 that we both loved.

The envlope is A6 from Paper-Source in Chocolate Brown with a damask print liner (Envelope Liner kit from Paper-Source). I have since fallen completely and utterly in love with anything damask and will be using a similar print for table runners, groomsmen ties, and pretty much anywhere else I see fit! I've found that nobody but myself really cared all that much about the liner, but it's ok because I love it that much.

Finally, I closed the envelope with a return address sticker with the monogram. I figured it could do multitask as an envlope sealer (no licking, no water, etc.), a return address label and a monogram introducer. The color is slightly off from what I originally wanted, but I've choosen to forget about it at this point.

All in all, I love the way everything turned out! It was fairly simple and the most time consuming part was the envelope liner. I did a few of them a night while watching TV, so it was all consuming. Our guests LOVE them and I get a kick of walking into someone elses house and seeing it on the fridge. Makes me smile. :-)

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