Sunday, August 26, 2007

My Damasks Must Match.

I hate when thing don't match. Not when two things complement each other because you don't want to be too matchy-matchy. I hate when two things look like they are supposed to match, but you didn't quite make it there.

Also, I am obsessed with damask. I bought this beautiful fabric for our table runners and my mother is made them for me.

So, I searched high and low for a similar looking damask stamp. But, to no avail. So, I started looking into custom made stamps. Along came I opened a .jpeg file of the fabric swatch in PhotoShop and was able to cut one of the pieces out. I turned it into a black and white file and uploaded it to their website on Friday night. I fully expected to receive a phone call on Monday saying that it was not doable. That the file was not crisp enough. And yet, on Thursday afternoon I got a package!

WOOOOOOO! It is perfection!


Jill said...

I am wondering if you are willing to sell your Damask Table Runners?

Thank you, Jill

MissJordyPants said...

Jill - definitely! Email me at jord.taylor @


Melissa said...


I was wondering if you have photos of what your reception tables looked like. I am considering ordering that exact fabric online but I am worried it will be too dark on the tables. Any help would be greatly appreciated =)

Warmest Regards,

Rita said...

Hello :)

Would you be willing to sell me that stamp?


MissJordyPants said...

Chels, No, I'm not selling the stamp! I love it too much. But email me at ( and I'll email you the file I used to make it. (If I can find it!)