Monday, August 20, 2007

Cancelling the Big Day

I work for an events venue in the conferencing department. However, we share an office with the social events department (weddings, birthdays, etc.) This morning a young bride came in to cancel her big day, with nearly a year to go. She is alone and in tears. I feel incredibly bad for her and I want to give her a big smushy hug to let her know that this is not the end, but rather a beginning. I want her to know that she could be making the best decision of her entire life at this point. I want her to feel happy knowing that she might possibly be avoiding a lifetime of unhappiness and a potentially horrific divorce. She should know that this man is not the right one, and Mr. Fabulous is standing right around the corner, waiting for her if she has the strength to make it to him.

We put so much faith in those that we love. Faith that they will love us and care for us and always be a pillar of strength. I cannot imagine my own pillar falling to the ground. I have nightmares about it actually, and I wake up with a feeling of despair and fear. What would my life be without my soul mate? Would I have the strength to walk away from someone that I knew wasn't right in hopes that the man of my dreams is, while a figment of my imagination now, an actual real-life person that is simply waiting to walk into my life. I commend this woman in my office. I pray that her tears will turn to smiles and that she knows this is only a bump on her road.

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