Thursday, August 9, 2007

An Engaging Photo Session

Can I just say that I LOVE our wedding photographer. His name is Rob Holley and he is utterly phenomenal. Rob was our very first vendor and the only photographer we interviewd. I did tons of research and new exactly what we wanted. Chris is totally into photography and between the two of us we own 4 point and shoots, 1 SLR and 1 HD Video Camera. We love it. So, the photography was VERY important. Rob was personable, funny, had amazing work and was a Red Sox fan. Sealed the deal!

We did our engagement session in May in Manhattan Beach. There was no posing. "Put your head here. Lean to the right" was never uttered from his lips. He got us. Just us running around like crazy people.

(My apologies for the fuziness... in real life they are crisp and stunning)
Our condo now looks like a shrine to us with the many many photos. But I don't care! You know why... because I love us :-)

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