Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Girls Got to Have Some Bling

I'm a huge supporter of all things sparkley and beautiful. And I fully encourage all things blingtastic for the wedding day!

It's from Haute Bride and I love it to pieces! I wanted to see it in person before I bought it (Their salon is in San Francisco). So another Bride-To-Be friend of mind and I drove down to Orange County to take a look. I had called As You Wish Brides a few days before and they said they didn't have the exact one that I was looking for, but they had something very similar. And they were willing to sell me the sample as she was moving to Texas and closing the store! WOOO. The sample was SUPER close to what I wanted, and I got an AMAZING deal. And I want to wear it every day! Now only if someone was home to help me put it on! I would fully consider wearing it around the house as I cleaned :-)

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