Sunday, August 26, 2007

Rehearsal Dinner Cake Topper!

I think that cake toppers in the likeness of the celebrated person is ADORABLE. I knew that these cutesy things would be too cutesy for our formal affair, so I decided to make a DIY attempt for our Rehearsal Dinner Cake. I made 6 attempts and I proabably spent more money on clay than it would have cost me to have someone else do them! However, I am super excited to present my Mini Us!

This is the first step... Aluminum foil form.

I then used Preemo clay and baked in layers. First I did the skin. Baked. Dress. Baked. Features. Baked. Features. Baked.

But the first of all didn't always work out. There were MANY trials. First was the headless one (he wasn't headless to begin with!). I LOVED him. Then, came the snowbeast looking female on the bottom right. Enough said. Then, there was the female on the bottom left. One of my bridesmaids said she looked like a man. I moved on. My final one was PERFECT. More to come of her later. However, when I but Mr. Perfect next to Ms. Perfect, Ms. Perfect was 2 inches taller! Not going to work. So, I made the male on the top right. I loved him, hated his face (the floating head in the middle). So, I took the face off of the original favorite and attempted to put him on the new body. Didn't work. Obviously.

YAHHHHH the final Mr. & Miss Perfection! I decided on using the exact same outfits that we wore for our engagment shoot. I'm sure I will be the absolute only person to know that, but I think it's adorable!

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