Saturday, July 26, 2008

Stealing Sandwiches

Ani and I went to Le Pain Quotidien for brunch last week. I pass the one on Ventura all the time, but had never been before. Mostly because I'm not quite sure how to pronounce it and never suggest it whilst in a group situation. Anybody know?

Anyways, had an INCREDIBLY tastilicious Tomato & Fig Tartine. I ADORE figs. Had them for the first time at a fantastic resturant in Malibu... it's famous... I forget which one... (my mind is a hot mess these days). They were wrapped in prosciutto. AHHHHHMazing.

So, thought I'd try it. Wasn't sure what a tartine was... but knew it should probably be some sort of sandwich.

It was. And it was awesome.

Open faced with Ricotta Cheese, honey, tomato and fig. Fantastic. And simple!

So I mixed up my own version the other night for dinner. Added a little salad with chicken. Didn't really want the chicken, but Chris throws a hissy if there isn't any protein in his meal. So, we added chicken. George Forman style with a Pear Champagne Vinagrette dressing.

The Le Pain version wasn't quite as piled with the tomato and fig, but I really enjoy the piling... so I piled.

For breakfast this morning I made another version. All fruit on a French Bread.

Think I might eat these on a regular basis.


Kate of All Trades said...

Yum!! I also had fun with bread/open faced sandwiches this weekend. I used salami, provolone and ham on top of crostini that had been smeared with balsamic vinaigrette.

Le Pain Quotidien means The Daily Bread. Click on these links and then click on the little speaker icon, you'll hear the pronunciations of both pain and quotidien.

nita said...

i always walk by it but i never had a chance to try it! i need to go!