Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Appreciation All Around

Darci and I "met" when I stumbled across her blog and realized that we were using the same damask pattern for our weddings. And I am all about the damask. I was kind of a freak about how they all needed to match and I had stamps custom made so that the invitation would match the runners on the table. Perfectionist freak. But Darci not only understood, she appreciated it!

When I posted about my new photography venture, she was as super excited as I was! (I love that!) So I sent some stuff over and she blogged about lil' ole me!

I'm a Sales Manager. In sales it's all about next month. Doesn't matter what you did this month, or the month before. If you surpassed a goal by 20%, well, that's nice... but what's happening tomorrow. No appreciation here.

It's so amazing to have someone else out there appreciate what you are doing! Thank You Darci! I appreciate you for appreciating me!

Go check her out here!


Diabolina said...

lovely lovely to get such unexpected support. and proof that a good product creates its own pr :)

p.s. SALES??? I never would have thunk it.

Anne K. in L.A. said...

Methinks that it's time for you to move out of sales.

Congrats on the positive endorsement. I'm sure that has helped you by leaps and bounds.

Darci said...

You're so welcome...all the best!

nita said...

yay! you're def. appreciated! :)