Monday, July 14, 2008

Friends: Celebration!

There's nothing more awesome than celebrating the major events occurring in your friends lives. And tonight was a super awesome one.

There were oysters.
Big fat nasty oysters (I hate them. ick. like big blobs of fishy jelly.)

And crab legs... lots and lots and lots of crab legs. (Those were fabulous!)

And of course champagne. What's a celebration without champagne?!

Because Stephen was premiering on The Closer!

Congratulations 'Mater on your absolutely fabulous work!

(I've never watched this show before and it was pretty excellent. Although, I'm a sucker for shows based in LA because I feel like they're trading inside information just for me!)


Diabolina said...

yay for your friend!! what a big deal - hear that shoe is great. had no idea it was set in LA! I too love Lalaland shows.

Sad you don't like oysters but encouraged by your love of crab. You have to go to this place called the boiling crab in alhambra. they throw sacks of amazing shell fish on your table and you go nuts. sooo good! but you stink for days ;)

Diabolina said...

i meant show ;)

ugh. i have problems.

nita said...

yay! thats awesome!