Thursday, July 31, 2008

Baking: Orange Chocolate Torte

Real Simple does this thing... Fake it, Don't Make It. I'd never done it because I feel like it's cheating. Go big or go home... yes?

However, after my last time crunch/heat disaster, I thought I should try to do something a bit more quickly. I only had about an hour to shower, change, get dressed, bake and get out the door. Enter the Chocolate Orange Torte.

And yet, I STILL ran out of time! There was no muffin mix, so I went with cake mix instead. It took nearly twice as long to bake! And I remembered the cooling issues of the past, so knew that I needed to leave some time for that. But we were already 20 minutes late to our little dinner/The Closer party. So, I decided to improvise. I skipped over to the bathroom and grabbed... are you ready for it... my hair dryer! It has a cooler setting. I rocked it.

The other slight issue. The sauce. Chris made an executive decision while I was in the shower to reduce the crap out of my sauce. And he made it candy.

But again, like last time, it tasted F-A-N-TASTIC! not so much pretty, but tasty as if it were made from scratch. Perhaps this will be one to perfect :-)

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Anne K. in L.A. said...

It's the imperfections that make life beautiful.

Besides, if this torte tasted as good as my birthday cake, who cares how it looked?