Monday, July 28, 2008

Cooking: A New Plan

I am the absolute worst at pulling some things out of the fridge and making something tastilicious. Chris does it amazingly well. I stare at the fridge. Confused. Frustrated. Then make Chris feed me because I'm too hungry to think about it.

I even started buying all kinds of random things at the grocery store so that I'd have lots of options. It made it harder. And I threw out TONS of food that had icky mold. I also threw out the tupperware, because, well, if mold touched it, it's gross.

So, we have a new plan. Chris cooks during the week and I'll take the weekends. This way, I have time to think and plan and shop. And I will be less frustrated. It also helps in that we need to cut WAAAY back on the eating out, which occurs frequently on the weekends. And it's mostly my fault, the eating out. Chris kind of hates going out and would much rather stay in and make chicken and vegetables. (I'm sick of chicken & vegetables.) Now I'll be excited to get some cooking time in on the weekends! And maybe, just maybe, I'll learn enough that I can pull something out on a Tuesday night and whip up something fantastic. (this is the plan.)

So, my first venture. Real Simples' Chicken & Mango Skewers! SUPPPER easy and tasted amazing. And I'm not a huge skewer fan.

(There are no pictures because I was too hungry to run upstairs to grab the camera before eating every single morsel. Sorry. The Real Simple website shot will have to suffice.)

At the store, I originally couldn't find the mangoes... so I started to substitute. Papaya and Peaches. Then I threw in a mango. Was significantly less expensive and more flavorful. Grilled fruit is simple amazing. Should eat more of it.
All around a wonderful summer meal. We ate out by the pool with cocktails. A fabulous summer evening.


csunsweetie said...

Grilled pineapple is AMAZING. We cheat and buy the one that comes sliced up already. But it works!

nita said...

lol! we ate chicken all last week and we too are SICK of chicken! hahaha.

i look forward to all your yummy food posts! i need inspiration on what to cook for the hubs.

Diabolina said...

hmmmmmmmmmmm mangorrific!