Wednesday, July 30, 2008


While I realize that the little 5.4 quake that hit yesterday was measly for the natives, I was freaked.the.f.out. My very first earthquake!

I was in a First Aid/CPR class... perhaps the exact place one would want to be in a situation such as this. I was pretend making a tourniquet for our controller when the entire room started to shake. The chandaliers were dinging. The ceiling was creaking. And the floor was rolling.

I always thought I'd know just what to do. Door jam. Triangle of Life. But I just sat there. My eyes darting all over the place. Head frozen in panic. No one else was panicking... why aren't we PANICKING!?

And then it was over. And we went back to snake bites and grease fire burns.


Diabolina said...

you always remember your first ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm a native and this one freaked me the f. out too. My fiance just kept screaming "It's an earthquake!" over and over again while grabbing me and throwing us both under our dining room table.


Anne K. in L.A. said...

This was my first big earthquake, too. I was a bit shaken up. (Pun intended)

I like how everyone is so darn nonchalant about it.

Carmela said...

I was at work on the 7th floor when it happened. We rushed to the doorway but my other co-worker kept screaming bloody murder, "Get out of the doorway. You'll be crushed by the door" I wanted to kill him there.