Friday, July 11, 2008

4th of July Trifle

I realize that at this point it is the 11th of July and I am slightly behind in the blogging. Opps. But really, the 4th of July Trifle could occur on any date.

Martha is responsible for this deliciousness. I made a Martha cake for Christmas last year. Some kind of 10 layer gingerbread debacle. 6 hours after I began, I cursed her name and swore that I would never bake her again.

But the trifle was so amazingly super easy. I would link the recipe here, but I can't find it! Apparently Martha does not believe that the 4th of July Trifle could occur on any date.

So I will do my best to remember. There was a store bought Angel Food Cake (Martha told me to STORE BUY!) You cut the cake into pieces. In a pan, simmer some sugar and lemon juice, to a boil and then paint the angel food pieces with it.

Then there was some cream. I'm guessing it was whipping cream.. and.. probably something else. (I suck at this part, but you could just throw together some cream!)

Then there are layers... fruit, cream, cake, etc.

I kept giggling to myself as I remembered that episode of Friends when Rachel makes the Trifle for Thanksgiving dinner. Hers included Lady Fingers, Cream, Chocolate, Peas, Carrots and Hamburger Meat. HA!

I think next time I would make it look prettier. Lucky for me, the drunk pool party people didn't really have a thing for aesthetics.


Anne K. in L.A. said...

That looks like heaven. Cake and fruit will be the death of me. Why didn't you call me over for some trifle? I thought we were friends!

k. said...

Looks delish! You are definitely not to be trifled with! (Sorry - it's early, and I haven't had coffee yet.)

nita said...