Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Most Ridiculous Extravaganza

So, last Friday the sales staff had a bit of training in the morning. I was feeling ick, so in an attempt to turn my frown upside down, I threw on my favorite Louboutain wedding shoes (totally not fit for the new dress code, but there hasn't been a formal memo yet, so I'm toeing the line.) I haven't worn them since the wedding and they just needed to come off the shelf.

Photo by Rob Holley

Anywho, our training was all about having fun at work, choosing to be happy that we're here, and being a team. We watched a video that profiled the Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle where they throw the fish at each other in an effort to keep it light and fun and happy. And honestly, watching them have fun lightened my mood a bit.

At the end of the discussion, my Director of Sales handed out aprons and gloves... can you imagine where I'm going with this!?

The three of us moved out to the parking lot while our DoS disappeared into the kitchen. We're standing there. Heels, skirts, pearls, plastic apron and gloves. She walks out. With a tray of whole Tilapia. For real!? Then, we proceeded to throw gutted fish at each other. In the parking lot. Outside my office. I was barefoot. In a suit.

Christian sat far away from the debacle and looked at me in disgust/fear.

However, it was kind of fun in a weird way. Team solidarity in the face of ridiculous experiences.


Heather said...

Hello. Found your blog recently. My old sales job we had to read all the FISH mgt books and watched that video. Our managers tried to force the "Fun" on us as well. Our team started to call them forced fun activities....

Diabolina 3.1 said...

WOW! that takes the cake. what did dwight and michael do?

i am pretty sure i couldn't have hung. you are a far far better woman than i.

: : Aileen : : said...

BWHAHA! Sorry, just had to comment. Is your boss Michael Scott??

LeeAnn said...

We had to watch that same video 2x during our sales training. Thankfully, we didn't have to toss around Tilapia while wearing a suit! That's madness!