Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cooking: Pan-Seared Steak Au Poivre

Last night was Chris' last night at home before the ridiculousness of production starts. There are lots of 18 hour days in his future and lots of PB&J sandwiches for me!

So, as our last hurrah until September, I thought I'd make something super special. And nothing screams super special like Filet Mignon. I love me some filet and order it at every steak resturant I encounter. It's just so fantastic. And I always thought it would probably be quite difficult to recreate at home. So I thought it was worth the heftier pricetag.

Guess what? It's freakin' not! And it's easy and probably the most awesome dinner I've ever made. Ever.

Another Real Simple miracle! So super easy and simple. One of the most tender and delicious steaks I've ever had. I threw some asparagus in a pan with olive oil and pine nuts and sauteed for a bit. I should have put in some garlic. because, well, it makes everything better. There was also some rice pilaf, but it was too watery at photo shoot time. One of those Near East boxes that are so delicious and are highly recommended!

I'm sure the cooking recipes are going to come to a halt for the next few weeks. I mean, is anyone interested in PB&J and cereal photos? ... Didn't think so!

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