Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Baking: Scones

I don't think there is anything I love more than scones. They're so freakin' good. And to be completely honest, a fairly new discovery for me. We were doing a Tea Tasting for work and this little bit of heaven passed through my lips. And I'm not much of a breakfast sweets kind of girl. But I could eat these for breakfast every day.

I've eaten them many times since that day, but I've never made them! So, I went directly to Smitten Kitchen and searched for scones. There was only one entry, and I was heartbroken to begin reading that she HATED the recipe. But I kept reading... there had to be a "but..." And there was! Another recipe that was perfection. At it was.

Technically, this is the second time that I've made this recipe. The first was for Janices' bridal shower. I cut them out of the dough cookie cutter style with a shot glass. Tiny little round goodness. But I forgot to take pictures of them.

I had some leftover heavy cream, so I whipped some up on Monday morning. For the first time in nearly three weeks, Chris and I had an entire day off together. It was a beautiful day full of refrigerator shopping, termite work inspecting and reconnecting. We REALLY needed it and it was perfect! (In other news, did you know how expensive refrigerators are?!) Back to the point... I wanted to make a nice little breakfast to start the day. Scones & fried eggs. Excellent.

These are FANTASTIC! Seriously, go make them. Now.


Jen said...

How expensive refrigerators are literally made blake and i want to cry when we bought our place. and god forbid you want something fancy looking. you can pretty much forget getting away with that for less than $2500. we were very sad about the substantial blow that was to our decorating budget.

Diabolina 3.1 said...

seriously, SERIOUSLY, you and i have to be friends IRL. I LOVE SCONES! Like it's a problem.

Started in England, the land of scones. I love also that alot of people aren't into them so I feel a little like the queen of england when I order them. The marmalade cafe in santa monica makes excellent ones...

nita said...

yumm! they look delicious! thanks for the tip on SK and ISTC! i've already found awesome cookie recipes!