Saturday, August 2, 2008

Body: Ickity Ick Ick Ick

I was like a rockstar before the wedding. Or a socialite. My willpower over food was fantastic. My dedication to the gym was superb. The lifestyle of a lady with a rockin' bod was cleverly integrated into my own!

Now. Ick. Motivation = 0.

I started posting about it as a motivational tool... but then I got slack/lazy/blah and just stopped posting.


5 pounds.


So, I'm back. I'm going to rock it. Because I hate hate hate my jiggliness.

The plan:
Lifting Sessions - 2 per week
Cardio Sessions - 2 per week
Outdoor Workout Sessions - 1 per week
Sit on my bum so I don't burn myself out and gain 10 more pounds - 2 per week

There we go! TKB/Treadmill on Monday & Wednesday, 24 Lift/Self-Motivated-Lifting on Tuesday & Thursday and Hiking on Saturday or Sunday. Maybe even a Friday TKB, but only because I love Shilo so much I might want to have her babies. I don't think I've ever been so excited to attend a gym class as I am when I know she's teaching.

Updates will be coming on Tuesdays. I'm required to. Forced by myself.

Happy weekend!


Diabolina 3.1 said...

ugh, I am totally unmotivated too. and gained back all the weight i'd lost in the first half of the year which was only 5 lbs but still.


Anonymous said...

I'm like addicted to the gym, probably because we've got under 2 months to go for the wedding.. A borderline gym rat, I go religiously 4 x a week. I'm wondering if this will magically dissapear once the wedding is over. I hope not! I love the new definition in my body.