Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Decor: Chairs

I've got decor on the mind. I've got all these rooms to decorate as I see fit and I'm beyond excited! The house is quite, errr, eclectic. Like the previous owners watched too many design shows. Then they decorated each room in a totally different manner.

The front bedroom, formal living room and dining room are quite Spanish. Beautifully high rounded ceilings, thin plank light hardwood floors... all delicious! Then, there's the kitchen, which is a totally cluster and I wish we could rip out the day after closing. Seriously, they didn't clean in it at least 3 years. It's ickity ick ick. The living space is off of the kitchen. It has wide plank, knotty, light wood floors. With deep ridges. And a chair rail. And exposed beams that don't quite match up to each other. And it looks like they accidentally bought too many kitchen cabinets and so they placed a set in the living room. For real, it's weird as hell.

So, the decor. I'm starting with chairs. I've been wanting a high backed wing chair for as long as I can remember. But I didn't have the space. OHHHH but I wanted one so bad. I wanted a vintage one. An icky disgustingly upholstered one. One that I could make my very own. But it had to be the right shape. And it had to be solid.

And last weekend, I found it!
This is the Craig's List photo. I would have taken my own, but the chair has been chillin in the back of my car since Sunday. I have no where else to put it! And I'm too tired to go downstairs, pull it out, take a photo and then get stuck not being able to put it back into the car because it weighs a million pounds. So, I apologize for the crapiness of the Craig's List photo quality.

I love love love the rounded seat. The height of the back. The perfect little legs. Sigh... love her! I'm thinking something funky cool but classic for the fabric. A print. Blue, beige, perhaps some yellow. Joanns was sucky. But I've got swatches coming from Mood.

Next step... find an upholsterer. Recommendations!?

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Janice said...

You should check out the upholstery fabric at ISW or F&S. The have tons! Field Trip!