Wednesday, August 13, 2008

House Update

I'm kind of amazed at how smoothly things are running with the house buying situation we have going on over here. The emotional side of it is a totally freakin' disaster. I work myself up into a tizzy at least every other day. Who do we think we are?! What are we doing?! What are we getting ourselves into!? We're going to lose all of our money and have to live on the street in a giant cardboard box. AHHHHHH! And on the days that I'm not working myself into a crazy hurricane, Chris is.

But the part that's supposed to be the hardest... the inspections and the loan and the paperwork crap has been surprisingly easy. The gathering of the stuff was difficult. But that's over.

We had a termite inspection. The place is nearly 80 years old. And there's lots of wood. Obviously it has termites. But there was a lot of work needed to make it perfect. Two days ago, my Realtor sent me an addendum that required them to pay for it. All of it. All $5,000 worth of wood work and spraying and shiza. And I kind of giggled. There was NO way they were going to pay for that. But, I figured she knows more about buying houses than I do, so I signed it.

And this morning, they signed it. WTF! Why would they do that! I'm psyched beyond belief. Dummies. :-) I'm pissed though... they're not going to paint. (Kidding)

And today, more totally unexpected news. I'm thinking... it's all going to well. The loan bank is going to come back and say "haha, you guys suck. We're not giving you money. That would be dumb!" And then they didn't. Today, we were approved! (Holy Shit)

It still doesn't feel real though. Even though I have our living room and bedroom and my office totally designed in my head. And it's stunningly gorgeous.

We take a lot of walks. And lately, we've planned our walks to the house and back to our condo. It's a good 3-4 mile walk and we have such amazing talks. Anywho, on our Sunday walk to the house, we stood in the driveway and stared at our house. Wow, our house. And Chris pointed to our tree. And a beautiful dove was sitting on one of our branches. Looking at us. Bringing us peace. Peace at our house.

(Holy Shit)


Anne K. in L.A. said...

I am so excited and unbelievably happy for you. So glad the process is going so smoothly. I cannot wait to see what decorating ideas you have for your new space.

AliGoesBlogWild said...

The last part made me cry. I don't even have PMS. It was a real, true-blue, definite cluster of tears... of joy! Happiness for my friends!!

Janice said...

I am so happy for you! JD and I have bonded so much over our new home, planning for the future and nesting:) We want to rip out our kitchen too. Maybe we can get a two for one deal:)
When is the Housewarming party:)

Diabolina 3.1 said...

sooooooooo excited for you. the dove is a good omen.