Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cooking: Fake Fried Chicken and Garlicky Baby Zucchini & Potatoes

I'm a Southern girl. And I make a damn good fried chicken. But it's bad for you. And oil splatters all over the place. And I need to be less fat.

SOOOOO.... fake fried chicken. It's actually super easy. And tastes pretty awesome.

I had baby zucchini (how cute are they!?) and potatoes, so I found a recipe that would use both. Some of my potatoes were purple. Funky. If I hadn't read recently that those kinds of potatoes exist, I may have thought that they had gone horribly bad. All in all, they taste like regular potatoes.

Chris is working super late these days, it seems rude of me to wait for him to come home and then make him cook. So I've been picking up his slack :-)


A.C. said...

so. would you come to raleigh and cook for me? your blog posts make me hungry.

tam pham said...

looks delish. if you ever want to switch it up a bit, use French's fried onions instead of cornflakes! that's my version of faked fried chicken...i make it at least once a week for all the same reasons you love faked fried chicken! :-)