Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Body: La Di Da Di

I was so super good last week. This week, eh, a bit here and a bit there. But I'm feeling less jiggly so that's always a good sign! I think I did some sort of work out 4 times last week. But I pulled a double class on one of the days and that felt awesome. I hit a pilates class and a yoga class... I forgot how much I missed those classes. How amazing the simple relaxing/breathing can feel after pushing my body through triangles and circles and planks. I haven't really stretched like that in a very long time and I felt leaner, longer and stronger. Should work that into my regimen.

I went through lots and lots of technology errors last week with my photography blog, so I spent quite a bit of time on the phone with Go Daddy instead of at the gym. I must say, their customer support department is beyond phenomenal. I think I called every single night, for at least an hour a night and they were the most helpful people I've ever dealt with (except the two guys on Saturday night who were pricks. And I hate them.)

Another slight issue... I'm shooting. A lot. So, I'm out a lot in the evenings, or driving home late at night. And I've gotten into a slight habit of fast food dinner. bad bad bad bad bad. Most of the time I'll just get a hamburger and a diet coke. No fries (being healthy and whatnot.) They taste so freakin' good. DEEEEEElicious! But this is going to be a bad habit... last week, I had three! (lots of shooting = good. lots of fast food = bad.)

But, I'm down another one! Slow and steady wins the race, no?

Weight: 127

Goal: 120

Weekly Change: -1

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Diabolina 3.1 said...

i haven't worked out in two weeks. feel gross. eating terribly too. ugh. have to get back in the routine.

kiss you for shooting so much,