Monday, June 23, 2008

Gardening: I Suck

Gardening was not originally part of the Jordana Project. Mostly because I REALLY suck at it, and it's going to take a LOOOONG time to get good at it. And I don't really care too much. Now, I would love to have a nice lush "garden" on the balcony. But I'm not sure it's in the cards for us.

(A) the space is small
(B) it gets DIRECT afternoon sun. So hot that the candle wax melts, the plants die and it is totally and completely disgusting between 3 and 8 pm.
(C) I have a habit of forgetting to feed things that can't yell at me to be fed.

It's looking so incredibly sad out there, I decided to rip it all out and replant. It was necessary. For the third time this year.

These are the "before" shots. Later, there will be "after" shots. The "after" is much greener. And less sad.

Gardening gets added to the project. I'm hoping to grow fewer dead things :-)


Anne K. in L.A. said...

Have you purchased the materials for your "after" shots? If not, let's go checkout some greenhouses. I want to add gardening to my list as well.

Jen said...

don't feel bad. i also kill 95% of things that don't yell at me to be fed. that's why Blake is largely in charge of all things plant related. our pretty balcony has almost nothing to do with me. except that i pick the plants out sometimes. :)

Diabolina said...

mr. diabolina is like a full on plant whisperer. thank god for him. i am bad at all things house.

nita said...

its too hot to do any gardening! pass it off to your hubby! :)

Sam Ed. said...

So, imagine your deck, but the size of a yard. That's what my yard looks like! On top of that, I had to hire a yard boy to keep the dead things trimmed!

Style and Grace Events said...

Steph just shared your blog with me....the pics from Wendy's wedding are terrific.
Your photography skills are amazing!!!
RE: gardening, consider geraniums. They are cheap, they love the sun, you can go a week or two w/o watering them (except in the hot hot summer). I was never crazy about them until I started travelling more to Europe. Now they remind me of window boxes in littel villages throughout Europe.
One last hint- as the flowers die, pull them off. That'll allow for new ones to flourish.
And good luck with all of your projects! You're too cute!
--Jill Erb