Friday, June 13, 2008

Cooking: Cedar Plank Salmon

Getting food inspiration delivered directly to my inbox has been the most awesome thing ever! My last venture came courtesy of I Shot The Chef. I love her. A lot. Her food is delish and her photos are amazing. Her husband is a professional photographer, so she's super lucky!

This was a big venture in that I'd never used a grill before. Or Cedar planks. Or giant chunks of fish. But I wanted to learn! And the prospect of smoky cedary salmon was so intriguing.

I let the plank soak for an hour. So it doesn't catch on fire.

I'm guessing that I bought waaaaaaay too much. The lady suggest a 1 1/2 pound chunk. But it was a little more around 1.8 pounds. Heavy.

So, Chris came home when it was time for the grill portion of the evening. Which was good, because I couldn't light the damn thing.

It was also good because he wears the grill light. I'm not dorky enough for it. It also has a night vision setting. He feels really super cool when he wears it.

All was going really well. It was smoking (which it is supposed to do.) And it smelled AWESOME! Then I glanced over, and it was on FIRE!

It ended up good, a bit charred on one end. But delicious!

There was some asparagus as well. I just wrapped it in tin foil, squeeze of a lemon and a few shakes of kosher salt. It was a tad limp, but excellent nonetheless.

I Shot the Chef told me I could reuse my plank, but she was a total liar. It is super blackened and super ick.


nita said...

omg. that salmon filet looks delicious!

Candace said...

Glad you liked the recipe... so easy and yummy! I'm surprised you couldn't use the plank again. I used mine twice. I probably could have done a 3rd time, but it was lookin' pretty funky.

k. said...

First it was Smitten Kitchen, now a big Thanks for introducing me to are becoming quite the culinary inspiration!

Jen said...

Chris loks like he's going spelunking. Or he's about to participate in a complicated surgical procedure. :)